Goat (Capella)

Paul Cummings, 2014, 300 micron Grey Card, PVA, Expanding Foam, Wood filler, Horns (3D printed PLA), 215 mm x 720mm x 730 mm , Sculptures

Paul Cummings

Paul is a painter, sculptor and illustrator who utilises digital technology as a production process within his work and is evident within the aesthetics in all of his art. He is pursuing an interest in the occult and phenomenology and is the basis for his current work. He is in collaboration; utilising the inspiration and expertise of Mark Cummings who are both amalgamating ideas to create future works. Paul was shortlisted for the prestigious Threadneedle Prize in 2010. He has presented several solo and group shows within London and Nationwide in the past decade.

These sculptures offer up a modern visceral urban folk myth. Where craft is aided by technology to afford a new status by providing a new kind perceivable reality, the non-physical digital realty. The same way Shamans were aided by the totemic value of these creatures to seek knowledge and spiritual experiences into non-ordinary reality.

These forms simultaneously are ‘animistic’ possessing the spirit of the animal as well as being layered by the tropes that have been the allegories of the ages. The narrative and symbolic relevance of the mythologies is to an extent subverted and distilled to align with the zeitgeist of contemporary culture.