PAGE 3 Exhibition

20th January - 12th Febuary 2011
Private View - 20th January 2011 6 - 9.30 pm

FOREWORD By Garry Hunter

Victoria Park, 1987

In a vain quest to get on an ill-fated property ladder, a friend and I visit a house for sale in Bethnal Green. The attractive middle-aged owner greets us at the door, in a bright pink toweling jumpsuit and gives us a tour of the house, starting in a suite which features a large sunken bath in the centre of an oddly carpeted bathroom with a full wall of mirrors, all in shades of plastic pink, textured pink and matt pink. As we are taken upstairs we notice countless framed newspaper tearsheets lining the walls, all showing a topless young blonde model - our host captured in previous decades. She stands poised with a freshly lit Silk Cut on the landing and regales us with tales of her formative years as a Page Three model.

Jammu Mail Train, 1998

Indian trains have three classes, the roughest being hard wood. As I peered from an Ambassador taxi onto the streets of Old Delhi an hour earlier, I witnessed holy cows strolling by roadside fires, past the populace of underclass clothed in little more than thin sheets, wondering whether I was heading for the correct station – I was, but dropped at the wrong entrance. As I surged through a crowd of humanity set in aspic, I realised that the only route to my train was down from the platform and across three busy railway lines. The carriage had listed outside all of the passengers’ ages, sexes and names, three more subdivisions of class.

Knightsbridge, 2011

A ternary collection, where triple concepts converge. A threefold examination of internal politics, the psyche and personal ambition. Tertipara, where creativity of The Page gives birth for the third time; tertigravida where life is given and sustained three times.
A third alternative or choice beyond two fixed choices, something in between two fixed points or positions; three points of communicating beacons on a topographic slice of contemporary practice. The middle way, between extremes of right and left, of right and wrong, of Wright and Lindbergh. Come fly with us in our three bladed futurecopter:

Our Sun model’s choice of colour seeps into the Polaroid experiments of Paul Robinson’s Pink Bear Suite, whether by accident or coincidence, it is a shade difficult to ignore as it cries ‘Wolf’ from a high tree branch or dances with an expressive collaborator in a spotted dress. This enigmatic and recently discovered ninth species of the Ursidae family, displays ease in the company of humans, a visitor from Caniformia that comes in peace. With the exceptions of courting individuals and mothers with their young, bears are typically solitary animals, but we do not know if Ted is unique, the product of a one-night stand between a red Grizzly and a blue Polar - or if he is from a long and distinguished line of rare pink bears. Whatever your origin ‘Ursus Magentus’ welcome to our world.

A cardoon is a relatively unknown root vegetable from Sicily, that is reminiscent of artichoke in form, celery in texture and oral sex in taste - an example of the undergrowth that comes to mind in the most recent paintings by Anssi Sojakka, where there is an invitation to taste the earth beneath a frozen tundra of canvas. The legendary aphrodisiac Mandrake Root of deepest ritualistic Africa takes human form on the dancefloor, with laser eyes penetrating the veneer of respectability. Three points on the map, the Dark Continent, the Far North and a cosmopolitan metropolis converge in a dreamscape where familiarity clashes with a thirst for the unknown.

The cube as a 3-D object is a contained and ordered universe. The cubist flavoured work of Graham Carrick is pure chaos unfolded and re-captured in 2-D, a mercurial examination of mood, response and desire. A human figure is dissected on the autopsy table of Carrick’s consciousness, reminiscent of a diagram showing choice cuts on a butcher’s wall. The manic search for stability veers into the illustrative mindset of an angst-ridden executive as he concocts revenge against the cruel unforgiving city and the ‘ker-ching’ of a cash register as it bleeds his soul and wallet dry.

Tertium quid. TwentyEleven is the new 24/7.


terti-, tern-, ter- +
(Latin: third; three each; three times)

1. Consisting of, or involving, three; threefold; triple.
2. Third in order or rank.
3. Based on the number three.
4. Pertaining to, consisting of, compounded of, or characterised by a set (or sets) of three; threefold, triple.

A ternary system (of classification), one in which each division is into three parts.

A woman who is pregnant for the third time.

A female which has had three pregnancies that resulted in viable (living) offspring.

Tertium quid.
1. Some third thing; a third something.
2. An unknown or indefinite thing or factor that is related to but cannot be classified as belonging to either of two other areas or categories.

3. Something in between two fixed points or positions; a third alternative or choice beyond two fixed choices.